This page is about trolls , and a short summary. If you want a better explanation, go to encyclopedia dramatica or something. Trolls are people who intentionally move into a social situation, and attempt to elicit a negative reaction from their victim/target. A sign of an exceptionally good troll is that they will not intentionally invest their emotions into their sport. If a troll gets angry during his session, he's either not really a troll, or just horribly bad at it.

A common misconception about trolls is that they're people who go out to make people angry in general, rather than for amusement. The difference, is that a person who just acts like an asshat in general is just an asshat. And somebody who goes out specifically to troll you, is most likely a giant asshat.

Trolls are one of the trademarks of the wonderful place that is the internet, and over at ULMF we have a few of our own beloved trolls and sort-of-maybe trolls, and even ex-trolls. This page is a list of all the notable ones:

Supermeme - An under-aged user of ULMF, who made a cunning plan to fool us all by creating two accounts, and arguing with himself. Backfired terribly, one of the more famous stories.

Obeliskos - A troll who's very presence at ULMF is merely for the sake of his trade.

Darkfire1004 - She knows what she's done to get on this page.

Cappy - Notorious for being a nuisance, and dishing out some fairly volatile (If uncreative) insults.

Momiji - Undefined.

Caulder - Ex-troll who often attempts to return to his ways, and is generally deemed intellectually challenged for that very reason. Hated by most of the Shoutbox.

JohnDoe - Doesn't deserve a separate page in this wiki. Tends to post lots of walls of text.


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