Image of Inspiration During the Writing of Lurker Wars 2

Lurker Wars is a story based around the history of ULMF. The original started on the first forum and has been ported to the second for completion. Various authors have added their voices to the project and it has grown into various offshoots and sequels.

Lurker Wars

The original tale started on the first forum was penned by Darkfire, Momiji and Sir Oni. The story centres around regulars of the first forum fighting against an rampaging army of Lurkers under the thrall of Supermeme. The story telling is very action oriented and tongue-in-cheek. As time went on, newer members of the forum were introduced as characters and were known as Ex-Lurkers.

The story has yet to be completed.

Lurker Wars 2

The sequel to the original story takes place in the second forum: ULMF itself. The story was written by Sinfulwolf and adopts a more serious tone due to the author's inability to properly due tongue-in-cheek. The narrative centres around regular members who must fight against an invasion of Lurkers hungry for vengeance after the end of the first war. The regulars are also organized in a more noticeable military structure compared to the original. Sinful also plans to add in a heavier plot... should she ever return to the writing of it.

The story has not advanced beyond chapter 3 as of yet.