What a douche.

During the Tentacle Haven era, the forums were constantly under attack by ad bots. It was during this time, the douchebag game was invented. Simply be the first to call the adbot a douchebag before the thread is trashed and you get a point.

Also used to call people who needlessly post like a douchebag would.

Douchebag! RulesEdit

1: The first person to call douchebag on an adbot gets a point.
2: No one else can get points after douchebag has been called (unless your god damned awesome).
3: If an administrator finds the thread and bins it before you, they get points.
4: If you call douchebag on someone who is not an adbot, you lose a point.
5: Douchebags can be anything as long as they clearly claim the adbot is a douchebag (or any derivative there of).
6: If you reuse a previous douchbag (at least from recent memory), you lose points.
7: Bots that spam tons of posts get progressively harder to earn points on.